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Gourd artist's tip pack (5)

A 5 piece gourd artist tip pack for use with the Antex FireWriter tool

£32.90 (inc vat)


A set of 5 Gourd Artist Tips for use with the firewriter.

This set includes the following Tips: Gourd Cutter, Ball Stylus, Small Skew, Long Small Skew Cutter and Spear Shader


TH1S Small Skew - a heavy duty general use tip for pyrography, cutting and fine detail. A very versatile tip, especially for small work


T9G17 Gourd Cutter - this 17mm long tempered tip is great for piercing/cutting gourds. Use at fairly high heat with a "sawing" action


T99.015 Ball Stylus - 1/16" (1.5mm) steel ball fused onto this tip gives a perfect writing or burnishing point. Ideal for fine shading, writing, stippling, etc


TH5MSP Medium/Small Spear Shader - a very popular shading tip style. Spear shaders are useful for most shading techniques from straight lines to points and inside sharp corners. As with all shaders the edge can also be used for dark, crisp lines.  


TH1S-L Small Long Skew - Long version of the 1S tip (above). Used for cutting and detailing gourds and cutting plastics.  


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RT3413B Gourd artist tip pack (5 tips) £32.90

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