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A4 Tracedown Paper

Wax free, graphite, transfer paper. Easily erased and ideal for transferring designs onto a variety of mediums. Such as paper, wood, canvas, ceramic etc. Ideal for Pyrography and other craft applications.

Simply place the tracedown paper onto your workpiece, and place your design on top. Then trace over your design with an Antex stylus and the image transfers to your work.

The paper is also printable, so you can print your design directly onto the tracedown paper if you prefer.

A "how to" video is also available below for further information.

£9.98 (inc vat)


  • Wax Free Transfer Paper
  • 10 x A4 sheets included + full instructions
  • Colour - Grey
  • Easily erased and easy to use
  • Transfer designs from a Sketch
  • Or transfer direct from your printer
  • Makes clean crisp tracings
  • Excellent for illustration board and all drawing papers
  • Perfect for image transfer for Pyrography (Wood-burning)


Product Description Price (inc vat)
AF00TB Antex Tracedown paper - Pack of 10 x A4 sheets £9.98


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