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Gem Master

Gem Art is a new and exciting way to transform and decorate clothing accessories, cards, T-shirts and a variety of other items. Select one of the screw-on tips supplied, hold the tool upright and pick up the required gem. The tip will grip the gem and you can now place it onto the required surface. The gem fixes instantly! You don’t need to wait for glues to dry. You can fix a cluster of gems all at the same time by using the button tip supplied. Just place the required gems in position on your work piece, attach the screw-on button tip to the heated tool, place the button tip onto the gems and hold in place for a few seconds. Then lift the tool and allow the gems to cool down.

£36.92 (inc vat)


Kit includes:


  • Dual temperature heated Gem Master tool. The tool is switchable between two heat settings - 5 watts and 10 watts.
  • Voltage - 230V AC 
  • SS10, SS16, SS20, 5mm Flat, and 9.5mm Flat tips
  • 1 button tip
  • 144 hot-fix rhinestone gems
  • 144 hot-fix studs
  • Safety stand


Product Description Price (inc vat)
R3J82TW00 Gem Master 230V British plug £36.92
R3J83TW00 Gem Master 230V European plug £36.92


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