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Foil Master

The FoilMaster heated tool allows you to transfer foil onto wood, leather, cards and a variety of other surfaces. Simply place the foil onto the required surface and use one of the drawing or stamping tips supplied with the kit to transfer the foil. Excellent results can be achieved with a little practise.

£30.94 (inc vat)


Kit includes:


  • Dual temperature heated Foil Master tool. The tool is switchable between two heat settings - 5 watts and 10 watts.
  • Voltage - 230V AC 
  • 4 drawing / writing tips
  • 6 stamping tips
  • 2 pieces of foil
  • Safety stand


Product Description Price (inc vat)
R6L82TW00 Foil Master 230V British plug £30.94
R6L83TW00 Foil Master 230V European plug £30.94


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